Why Having Authentic Content Is The Best Google Strategy

Google’s algorithms are ever changing and trying to stay on top of them can seem like an impossible task. However don’t panic just yet!

Having an authentic, consistent content strategy is a sure fire way to make sure you always end up on the first page of those all-important search results.

Authentic Engaging And Real Content

As usual, most of Google’s algorithm changes always move towards supporting sites that provide real, useful and engaging content to readers. This means that the team at Google is always one step ahead of those just trying to find loopholes in order to stay ahead of google changes.

The underlying take away from most Google updates is that they make changes to better favour websites that are legitimate. Those sites and businesses providing useful content to their readers and customers typically come out on top when it comes to Google updates. Reversely so, those trying to implement workarounds or hacks to circumvent Google algorithms are normally on the losing end of the deal.

While Google is never really outright specific about this stuff, some of the things that Google’s latest updates seem to have effected have been the following:

Links And Irrelevant Content

Google no longer supports nofollow links. Nofollow links have often been used in the past by bloggers and contributors to get content without showing Google the links. What some people don’t realise is that these nofollow links are in fact recognised by Google. What this means is if you have a bunch of arbitrary or irrelevant links on your site this will affect your ranking and credibility as Google sees this as a form of spam.

Google also recently made some changes to their click bait ad policy to try and cut down on irrelevant or fake news content from appearing in search results. This is particularly relevant in the wake of the global pandemic.

Google Discover

Many of Google’s recent updates seem to have affected the ‘Google Discover’ algorithm. Google Discover is Google’s Feed that shows you topics and news items around things that interest you when you are not searching. Essentially this is Google’s new home page but it is not yet available in all countries.

New updates to the Google Discover algorithm have helped to make feeds more personal based on your interests. So if you want to spin the wheels of https://onlineroulette.net.nz/, it will promote content that appeals to you.

How Your Site Works

Certain changes have been made to how Google reads the data of the website. So it is important that all content is structured correctly and works on all devices, particularly mobile. You also need to make sure your content is easily crawled by search engines.

This means you should always be looking at ways to improve your site. This can including loading new content, performing on-page optimizations to ensure better site speed and usability, and fixing any technical SEO errors such as 404 errors or incorrect links.

Again, it is about building relevant, engaging content that is easy for users to find and navigate, not about trying to find loopholes in algorithms as eventually these always get shut down by Google.