Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows

It’s true that computers are heading more and more into the touchscreen world. However, most of us are still using traditional keyboards to get the bulk of our work done. The good news is, Microsoft has not forgotten this fact, even though Windows 10 was actually designed for use on touchscreen laptops and devices.

To make life a little easier for you, here are some of the most convenient keyboard shortcuts for use on Windows 10:

Using The Windows Key

The Windows key is the one with four blocks on it and is usually found as one of the keys to the left of the space bar as you look down at the keyboard in use. This Windows key is a big one for shortcuts. Hitting it on its own will simply open up the Start menu and when you use it in conjunction with other keys, you can get to a whole range of options.

  • Windows + X – This will open up the secret or alternative Start menu that gives you some administrative options.
  • Windows + D – This can be used to reveal your desktop by minimizing everything that is active at that time. You can then use it again to bring those apps back up.
  • Windows + , – If you just want to see the desktop briefly, use this combination. Your in-use apps will then pop back up after a moment.
  • Windows + T – If you want to get to a certain app on your taskbar without moving your hand to your mouse or to the touchscreen, use this combination to cycle through the apps that are open or pinned. You can then hit enter to bring that app up on your desktop.
  • Windows + {number} – You can reach a specific pinned app with ease by using this combination. All you need to do is hit the number of the pinned app according to the order it appears on your taskbar. If you use Windows + 1, the first pinned app will open.
  • Windows + E – When you’re looking for a particular file, use this shortcut to bring up the explorer window. Then you can sort through your folders until you find what you need.

Don’t Forget Ctrl And Alt

Before the Windows key was introduced, it was possible to do a lot via keyboard shortcuts. The Ctrl and Alt keys were your biggest friends on the keyboard, Shift and Esc also played their parts.

  • Alt + Tab – This combination will save you a lot of time as it allows you to switch between all of the open programs or apps on your computer, in a similar way to the Windows + T combination.
  • Alt + F4 – You can easily close the current app or program that you’re working on by using this combination.
  • Ctrl + Shift + Esc – This combination allows you to open up the task manager on your computer, which gives you access to information about the programs actively running at that time.