The Best Certifications To Start An IT Career

The IT industry has been in something of a consistent state of growth over the last few decades, and remains one of the very best industries to break in to for long-term career growth. There are hundreds of career paths to choose from, and most of them require many years of study and work experience to become proficient at.

Computers are incredibly complex and having a strong foundational knowledge of how they work is highly recommended for anyone with a keen interest of becoming an IT professional. Let’s explore some of the very best IT qualifications to start a promising career within information technology.

CompTIA A+

The CompTIA A+ program is widely considered one of the best educational certifications to gain a basic understanding of computers and how they function. Many IT experts began their careers with this specific qualification, and while there’s a lot of information to consume and the exam can be difficult, it’s a great way of kick-starting a career working with computers.

The course covers just about everything a beginner would need to know, including the various hardware components found in a computer and their functions, as well as software modules that are part of the computing experience.

Google IT Support Specialist

Offered by tech giant Google, the IT Support Specialist certification is similar in many ways to the CompTIA A+ and complement each other so well that a special duo-certification is offered for those that are able to complete both qualifications.

Again, the information here is meant to provide a foundation for the starter IT professional to begin with, and over the years has become among the most popular certifications to get a hold of. Google provides easy-to-grasp lessons on the latest and greatest technologies, and thanks to the low price, it’s a great extra resource to have when applying for jobs.

CompTIA Network+

Another certification offered by CompTIA, except this one doesn’t focus on computers in general, but rather specialises in the networking side of things.

Network technicians are in high demand, and will often work within a corporate environment, installing networking hardware and ensuring that all end points have connection both to the internet and to the local network. It’s a more complicated course than the A+, and is better-suited for students that want a solid grasp of networking and how it works on a commercial scale, or even just how to set up their router so they can enjoy Canada casino games online.

CompTIA Security+

Security is a vital part of the computing world, and there are few better qualifications that offer a strong introduction to computer security than Security+, offered once again by CompTIA.

Here, the student will obtain a firm understanding of how security works within the world of computers, and they will be able to use this knowledge to secure a business environment against some of the more common risks. It’s a lot more in-depth than many other certifications and remains a recommended course to choose for those interested in entering the industry of cybersecurity.