The Best Privacy Tools Everyone Should Use

The internet is a powerful tool that anyone can use to improve their lives, from being able to communicate with loved ones, learn new skills, keep up to date with the latest news, and so much more. Unfortunately, over the years, a number of big tech companies as well as governments have made it their mission to try and keep track of what their users and citizens are up to, and due to the way that many modern operating systems and other software works, it’s now easier than ever for these entities to harvest data.

The good news is that those that are worried about their online privacy have access to a wide range of tools designed to give them various methods of protecting themselves, their information, as well as their internet habits.


A VPN, also known as Virtual Private Network, is a special encrypted “tunnel” that a user can use to mask their browsing activity both from their government as well as their internet service provider. Not only can it help mask their IP address, but it makes it virtually impossible for 3rd party entities from keeping track of what the user is doing online.

A VPN doesn’t always have to be used 24/7, but it can help when connecting to public networks or when living in a country with strict internet monitoring. It’s important to choose a trustworthy VPN provider, which is why providers like Proton VPN and Mullvad VPN tend to be the best choices around.

Computer Operating Systems

Windows 11 is by far the most popular computer operating system in the world, but it’s also something of a privacy nightmare, sending heaps of personal data back to Microsoft’s servers every single day. This is why it might be worth switching to an operating system that offers better overall privacy.

Fedora and Arch Linux tend to be the most recommended, and while the former is best for those new to the world of Linux, tech-minded users might want to take a look into Arch Linux, which provides a minimalist Linux operating system with all of the latest updates, but can be used for work, browsing, or checking out online casino in India games.

Mobile Operating Systems

Android, as wonderful as it is, is tightly controlled by Google, and much of the data on a person’s phone is sent back to Google on a regular basis. Therefore it’s a good idea, for those who are able, to switch instead to a custom Android operating system. LineageOS, DivestOS, and GrapheneOS are all great choices, with GrapheneOS being the easiest to install, but only works on Pixels.

The Right Browser

Internet browsers are the primary way in which we interact with the internet, so choosing a privacy-oriented browser is imperative. Google Chrome, for example, is not a good choice, while Mozilla’s Firefox tends to be the recommended browser for obtaining the highest level of privacy around, with the right tweaks.