Which Internet Browser Is The Best?

The computer you use may come with a web browser already installed, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the best one to use. There are four main competitors in the web browser battle, and each one comes with its own pros and cons. Let’s take a closer look:

Microsoft Edge

If you’re a Windows user, then this is the browser your computer most likely came standard with. It’s actually integrated with the Windows 10 software and updates along with your computer. When it first launched, people were wary of using it and many chose to rather stick to their preferred downloaded option. This is because it replaced Internet Explorer, which is widely accepted as the worst browser you could use.

In February 2020, Microsoft relaunched an updated Edge to make it more of a competitor to Chrome and Firefox. This latest incarnation of the browser is an open-source Chromium engine that needs to be downloaded onto your computer. So far, things are looking good and many experts are excited to see where Microsoft take this new direction.

Mozilla Firefox

In terms of user preference, this browser has long held second place to Google Chrome. That is until recently, when it got edged out by the competitor from Microsoft. The two are now neck and neck at just over 7% of the market share each. In same instances, however, Firefox comes out on top because it has been around the longest. This means that some older, legacy web apps and extensions that haven’t moved with the times actually work better on Firefox than anything else.

That’s not to say that Firefox itself hasn’t kept up to date with the ever-changing world. The browser recently had a major overhaul with the launch of the new Quantum version. Many of the changes that were made to the browser are things you can’t see, with a strong focus on speed and working with multi-core processors. If the other main competitors don’t catch up soon, Firefox may outstrip them in this department as more and more users buy computers with better and more powerful processors.

Google Chrome

When it comes to the internet, Google really does do it best. As they took over more and more of the market share in terms of search engine use, it just made sense for them to launch their own internet browser. It entered the world in 2008 and was quickly adopted by many who were frustrated and over using Internet Explorer or Safari (the default browser that comes with a Mac computer).

The ability to integrate your Google account (because pretty much everyone had a gmail address at this point) was a major plus. It also boosted downloads and user numbers quickly. Google is a name that people trust in the online world, and with Chrome, they offer a full ecosystem where internet browsing, email, work and learning tools, and more all connect seamlessly. You can also move between devices and get the same experience just by logging in.