Outstanding Multiplayer Gaming Communities

Online multiplayer can be intimidating. Not only because your level of skill is suddenly on display, in front of thousands of eyes, but also because other players can be touch unpleasant. Yes, you’ve probably run into a few less than pleasant players yourself. From those that mock, to those that deliberately spoil the fun, it is enough to put you off multiplayer for life.

But then, there are some games that have notoriously pleasant communities. Defying all expectations, certain games seem to be a gathering place for friendly, helpful and welcoming crowds, demonstrating just how enjoyable multiplayer can be once the bad apples have been culled. Of course, we’re not suggesting that the following games will always be 100% fantastic. What we are suggesting is that these games have a reputation for having some of the better online players.

Dark Souls

Dark Souls certainly has a reputation for being unforgiving. But, as far as that is concerned, it is the player versus environment that is an unforgiving nightmare, not the players themselves. Yes, there is an aspect of the game that involves players invading one another, and this will result in some brutal fights.

But here’s the thing; players in Dark Souls have come to an agreed upon code of honour, and, shockingly, even though the game itself doesn’t enforce any codes of honour, the players themselves do. When faced with an opponent, drink up all your healing potions one after the other, and watch as your real world opponent does the same. Why? Because it levels the playing field, and keeps the fight about skill, not about healing potions.

The vast majority in the community, amazingly, stick to this code of conduct. Though when you do come across the odd troll, it might just be enough to send you to online slots Canada instead, given how frustrating it can be.

Total War Franchise

When it comes to slow, methodical strategy games, the community involved is largely going to be made of patient gamers. Interestingly, patience and friendly tend to go hand in hand, and thus we have the Total War Community.

Don’t be mistaken, the players will still whip you soundly if you aren’t up to the challenge. But the point is that the wont do it disrespectfully, or while calling you names. Plus, if you ask for help, there are very few who will refuse to provide it.

Team Fortress 2

Yes, any game focused on being competitive will have trolls, and otherwise bad apples. But Team Fortress 2, somehow, largely managed to avoid building up a crust of unpleasant trolls that aimed to ruin the experience for others. Perhaps because Team Fortress was, and still is, far more niche than games like Call of Duty, or Battlefield.

Either way, most matches in Team Fortress 2 are largely racial slur free, which is somewhat more than can be said for your average Call of Duty match. Sadly, Team Fortress 2 isn’t exactly as popular as it once was, though you can still get a match, depending on if you know where to look.