What Are The Most Popular Tech Jobs?

It’s crystal clear to everyone that the tech industry is thriving. This is why now is the best time to learn about the best tech careers.  These are the best technology careers as they offer high salaries, promising employment growth as well as excellent satisfaction ratings. In addition, these tech jobs boast competitive benefits packages, as well as health-care insurance, retirement plans as well as other perks.

Here’s a list of the most popular tech jobs.

Security  Professional (Data, Information, Network, Systems, Cloud)

Data, information, systems, network as well as cloud security professionals are in hot demand as businesses progressively rely on data for daily business operations. These IT professionals make sure that enterprise IT projects stay safe from potential threats inside and outside the organisation. In addition, they’re also tasked with keeping abreast of industry compliance regulations and future security trends, and guaranteeing the business’s hardware, software, and networks stay secure.

Skills and experience to look out for:

  • Ability to communicate and employ security policies and procedures,
  • Managing security audits, threats as well as vulnerabilities,
  • Experience with security systems and documenting failures in addition to other incidents, and
  • Knowledge of compliance laws as well as regulations for the industry.

Software Developer

The growth in the demand for software developers is fuelled by the demand for mobile apps and other products which are driven by technology. While some software developers design applications, systems software developers design operating systems and interfaces.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning Engineer

AI and machine learning engineers are in incredibly high demand as the technology industry moves its focus toward the evolving field of automation. Thus, AI  – as well as machine learning – gigs are among the best technology jobs for the future by most measures. A case in point is the above average projected growth rate for the field.

AI engineers devote their time to utilising big data in order to train models which are involved in natural language processing, economic forecasting as well asimage recognition. They may have a hand in the development of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) is getting traction around the world.

Cloud Architect

Cloud architects supervise the company’s cloud computing strategy and are also responsible for deploying, managing as well as supporting cloud applications. Cloud architects usually have a strong grasp of a number of different operating systems in addition to networking, programming as well as security skills. Organisation should look for individuals with a strong knowledge of cloud services such as Amazon Web Services, in addition to ITSM, I&O, governance, automation, and vendor management.

Sales Engineer

The need for sales engineers in other industries is only expected to increase by 9%. But, the growth rate is four times as quick for professionals who are selling computer software as well as hardware. Most sales engineers hold a degree in business, science or – alternatively – a technology field. Also, they must also be well-versed in technology to present proposals, explain products as well as answer questions.