Useful But Uncommon Computer Tricks

Those of us who spend hours and hours a day in front of your computer may think we know all the tricks which there are to make our work simpler. It seems you are able to teach an old dog new tricks as there are countless shortcuts which even the most adept PC users don’t realise they could be utilising on a day-to-day basis.

While you may have several years of experience with using computers, there are remarkably many ways which you could sharpen your skills on the PC as well as enhance productivity. These small yet obscure tips and tricks may make a big difference in your workflow — and save you a fortune of time in the process.

Bring Back The Tab You Accidentally Closed

If you close a tab accidentally, don’t worry! You can bring it back by just pressing Ctrl + Shift + T and then you get back to what you were doing. If you have a Mac, hit Cmd + Shift + T to bring back a closed tab.

Computer Hacks For Typing

Here are a number of tips which will save you lots of time when typing out documents:

  • To move your cursor quickly to the beginning of the previous word by hitting CTRL + Left Arrow, rather than doing it manually.
  • In order to get your cursor to the beginning of the next word, utilise CTRL + Right Arrow.
  • You can recover a deleted item with ALT + Backspace.
  • Also, delete an entire word by hitting CTRL + Backspace.
  • Select a word that you want to highlight quickly, without dragging your mouse, by double-clicking on it.
  • Highlight a whole paragraph by triple-clicking your mouse on it.
  • Make a piece of text superscript and sub text through pressing CTRL + = for sub, and then CTRL+ Shift for superscript.
  • Make sure that you paste in plain text, and not what was formatted originally, after copying, by pressing CTRL + Shift + V.

Only Screenshot The Area Of The Screen You Want To Capture

If you just need to screenshot part of the screen, there’s a straightforward way to do it for both Windows and Macs:

  • For Mac: Hitting “Command,” plus “Shift,” plus “4” brings up the tool. After this, you just drag the area you want.
  • For Windows: Just navigate to “Start” and then “Snipping Tool”.

Efficiency And Space-Saving Tricks For Your Computer

Have better luck with your PC and get it running smoother with these hints and tips:

  • When your PC takes a long time to boot up, you could have too many programs that are running when you start:
  • In order to eliminate unnecessary programs, press Windows key + R.
  • After this type “misconfig”.
  • Select the Startup tab from the window which pops up, and you will have the ability to turn off any programs which you want that are slowing your boot time.
  • Delete large space-wasting files with WinDirStat. This is short for “Windows Directory Statistics”. It tells you which files are taking up the most amount space, and you are then able to delete them accordingly.