Is Owning A PC Becoming A Waste Of Time?

In as much as we adore the ease of use and convenience laptops and tablets provide us, it is very important to keep in mind that desktop PCs came first. However, it can be said that the utilisation of desktops has reduced which leads to the question of whether desktop computers are outmoded.

Desktop computers might not be as popular as they were 30 years ago, however this fact does not render it obsolete. Until laptops, tablets as well as smartphones have the ability to deliver the same level of performance, affordability and customisation features of a desktop PC, they will keep on being relevant.

One of the most popular beliefs that people have is that a laptop is just a mini version of a desktop and they are both able to perform the same tasks the same way. However, that is not the case. Two major factors decide whether you go for either one of the two:

  • Performance: Regarding performance, the desktop PC is unmatched. Here, users gain access to top processors in addition to the latest developments and software. This makes it easy to carry out tasks and actions.
  • Portability: Laptops are made with the only purpose of compactness. This offers users convenience on the go. However, in order to obtain this convenience, users have to sacrifice certain aspects such as performance.

Moore’s Law

At one point in time, the pace of new technology was so quick that the cutting edge software and hardware would be outdated in 18—24 months. Moore’s law is an examination and prediction of a historical trend. As a result of this, computer sales were brisk year upon year.

Technology Is Still Growing

While technology was still evolving, it was less compelling. Most individuals running Windows XP were completely happy with what they had.

The PC isn’t dead. What is dead is the old and aggressive upgrade cycle which saw PCs being replaced every couple of years. Not only do individuals have more cool, shiny things to spend their money on – smartphones and tablets as well as the like — but also PCs have reached the point where they’re sufficiently powerful to last longer than ever before.

With a stable desktop, many individuals chose laptops owing to the portability. Not only had the performance improved, but the cost had decreased significantly.

What About The Business World?

Desktop PCs are viewed as essentials by most businesses. Desktop computers typically last longer than most laptops. Companies don’t have to replace vital hardware frequently. However, the requirement for desktops could soon decrease as working on-the-go becomes more common.

According to a recently written report from the United States Census Bureau, 9.5% of the American workforce telecommutes at least once per week. Furthermore, 4.3% of employees work remotely for the most part of the week. As communication and information technologies advance, additional workers are being encouraged to leave their offices behind and do their work at home.

Laptops aren’t the only tools which allow workers to remain at home. Tablets have grown increasingly functional over the last couple of years, and new productivity apps have increased the mobile devices’ performance. Employees are able to video conference via tablets and eliminate the need for traditional office hardware.