The Best Services That Google Offers

Google is the biggest name in the online world, mainly thanks to its incredible search engine that’s used by billions of people every single day. But Google’s search engine is not the only popular service that the company offers. Gmail, Android, Google Play, Google Maps, and Google Chrome are just a few of the free services that have taken the world by storm. Despite all of this, Google also offers a number of other services that are not quite as well known.

Google Fi

Google Fi is Google’s answer to having a worldwide connection to the Internet. Google Fi is a subscription-based Internet service that is offered in more than 200 countries, and offers text, calls, and date. The best subscription that they offer comes with unlimited data, calls, and texts no matter where the user is, meaning that they are always connected, and can watch movies, enjoy betting on Aussie sports, and check their email. It tends to be more expensive than most other Internet services offered locally, but having it means never having to worry about switching over every time the user enters a new country.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is the perfect free service for anyone that’s studying at university, or for anyone that just wants to learn more about a particular subject. Scholar offers instant access to a massive collection of science journals, articles, studies, and more. It’s a great source for peer-reviewed science articles, and it’s all open and free to anyone that has an interest. The service also allows the user to source-check any of the listed publications.

Google Classroom

Another free service associated with learning, Classroom is aimed at both students and teachers, giving them a way to interact and share classroom work without having to deal with paper. Classroom provides teachers with the ability to assign, distribute, and grade any work they need without having to carry any physical paper with them, while seamlessly allowing them to send off work to their students quickly and with only an Internet connection. It’s a great resource for teachers trying to move away from paper-based learning.

Google Fonts

Google Fonts is a free font and format-based service that allows the user to pick and download from hundreds of different fonts. It’s a great and easy way of finding new and interesting fonts for a school or work project, and all of the fonts on the site are offered completely free. While the range of fonts is not quite as large as some other font sites, the fact that they’re free makes it a solid service for those wanting a free font.

Android Auto

Android Auto is a GPS-based driving aid that is offered exclusively on Android devices. The app switches the phone into a dedicated driving aid, providing advanced GPS and direction options, better voice assistant controls, and the ability to make calls and send messages safely while driving. It works similarly to Google Maps, but provides overall safer controls while driving, and is far less distracting.