Google’s Best Hidden Games

Say what you like about Google, you have to admit that the company has a sense of humour. Many people still think of that in terms of the company’s commemorative Doodles, but that spirit of fun is even more evident in Google’s hidden games.

Some are unique, and others are mini versions of some of the gaming world’s most iconic options. Either way, they are available for you to play if you know where to look. Below are the best-hidden Google games and how you can find them.

  1. Pac-Man (Search)

First released in 1980, Pac-Man quickly became a cultural phenomenon. That translated into sales, and the game became the best-selling arcade game ever.

The tech giant paid homage to the yellow character that eats pac-dots while trying to avoid colourful ghosts with a mini game that is not particularly well hidden. To find and play it, search for Pac-Man in Google. A maze of the company logo is at the top of the page. Click the button below the game to play it.

  1. Dino Run (Chrome)

If your internet connection has ever been lost while browsing the web in Chrome, the small T-Rex will be a familiar sight. What you may never have done while on that page is to press the space bar.

Do that, and the T-Rex will start running. Obstacles will appear in his path, and you will need to tap the space bar to make him jump over them. That is all there is to it, and it’s as exciting and easy as betting on Aussie sports.

  1. Flight Simulator (Earth)

Google Earth Pro, which you will need to download on to your computer, contains a hidden Flight Simulator game. When the programme opens, press Ctrl+Alt+A. The game will launch, and you can pick either the F-16 or the SR22. Once you have chosen your plane, enter a location, and fly the plane there.

  1. Tic Tac Toe (Search)

Tic Tac Toe, known in some parts of the world as Noughts and Crosses, is another game that Google hid in Search. Like Pac-Man, finding the game requires little more than searching for Tic Tac Toe.

The game board will appear at the top of the search results. Click the X or 0 above the game board to get started. Win by being the first to get three X’s or three 0’s in a row.

  1. Snake (Search)

If you were around in the late 90s and early 2000s, you probably remember how much fun we all had playing Snake on our indestructible Nokia phones. If you type Google Snake Game into search and hit enter, you will have the chance to relive those days by playing the tech company’s version.

  1. Google Gravity (Search)

To play Google Gravity, type the name of the game into Search and click I’m Feeling Lucky. Everything on the page will fall to the bottom of the page in blocks, which you can move around. The links in the blocks are still clickable.