Must-Have Mac Apps

You can find almost anything at the Mac App Store, from straightforward utilities to much more complex programmes. New apps are published every day, too, making it tough to find the best ones for what you’re looking for.


The Amphetamine app stops your Mac from entering sleep mode, starting your screensaver, or activating auto-dim. It’s perfect for watching streams and videos or any other activity where you don’t touch the keyboard or mouse for a while.


Whether you’re a copywriter, editor, or proofreader, enjoy crosswords, read a lot, or just love words, Megawords is going to blow you away. You’ll be able to find synonyms, rhyming words, and a host of other information. You can look up anagrams and even get help with a word puzzle if you need it.

Just type a word in and you’ll get all the usual information along with geographical data if it’s also the name of a place!

Relax Lite – Stress and Anxiety Relief

If you’re starting to feel overwhelmed, then Relax Lite is a fabulous little app that will help you take things down a notch. A simple little window will pop up to display calming images and relaxing music align with special tones that will assist you in a range of breathing exercises. Guided meditation sessions are available as well, all of which will help you regain focus while you reduce your stress. Let’s face it. Sometimes you just need a little break from it all to get back to peak productivity!


If you work remotely with others, Slack is the app for you. It’s by far the finest business chat app available right now.

Slack uses a chat window, so you can keep your conversations going without having to constantly log in to a web browser. You can run multiple accounts simultaneously and there is a nice range of helpful bots that you can add to chat rooms as you like.

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Whatever other streaming services you’re using, Spotify is a fantastic app that we recommend for everyone. You can enjoy thousands of songs across many different ranges using it and it includes a handy playlist section so you can keep track of your favourite music.

The Music Discovery section is fabulous too. You can view what’s trending right now or find other artists you may enjoy based on what you’re currently listening to. The social aspect is great, too.

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is an oldie but a goodie. Since 2001, this fantastic video player has been offering five-star support for all of us. It works with a massive range of codecs and file formats and will even let you convert your files if you want to. There is also a fabulous range of audio and video compression methods for creating smaller files from larger, or raw, ones.

If you download a lot of video content, there’s no way you should be without VLC. And it’s open-source, so if you can’t afford to pay anything, that’s cool, but if you can then you can donate a little to the creator.