How to use social media for your business

Social media has evolved from a platform used to share selfies and heartfelt status to a business network. When it comes to finding a business or product, most people turn to social media to find a trusted, reliable option. This means that when potential customers are looking for your business, you need to be right there and easy to find. Of course, this isn’t an overnight process and requires ongoing development to be relevant.

So, when it boils down to it, how do you get started? To help you answer this question, we have some top tips.

Choose your channels wisely

The channels you choose need to be relevant to your audience, don’t just go with something that seems to be popular at the time. Most brands utilise multiple platforms, however, we recommend starting with one platform and then branching out.

Twitter is straightforward, easy to use starting option for many businesses. It also familiarises you with the concept of tagging people and using hashtags. Facebook on the other hand is a bigger, more complex platform that requires a bit more maintenance and strategy to get going.

On the flip side, it is a great platform for paid promotions and generating interaction around businesses by using the check-in and review features. Instagram is a visual platform, so your digital skills will need to be front and centre. It also promotes creativity. If you are looking for a professional networking platform to connect with professionals, LinkedIn should be on your list.

There are, of course, other platforms available however these are the most popular.

Provide detailed information

Before you even think of creating your first post, make sure that your profile is complete – don’t leave anything out. This creates a sense of professionalism while making it easier for customers to find your business. Your username or URL needs to be consistent to make sure that it can be found across the board.

A picture is worth a thousand words

The cover images and profile pictures that you choose to use need to reflect your brand, whether you offer entertainment for Canadians, a product or other service. Use high-quality images, create an easily recognisable online identity and stick to it. Everything that you post is a reflection of your brand, make it count. There are a lot of free tools that you can download to edit your images and make them look consistent.

Don’t forget to network

Once you have set up the shell of your social media profile, you need to start following other brands, industry leaders and other related individuals. From here on, everything you do needs to be in your brand’s best interest, so use the tools at your disposal wisely. We live in a digital world and that makes everything accessible, including your business. Make sure that the image you’re showcasing is an image you’re proud of.