How to Stay Safe In A Digital World

You need to order a gift for your cousin that lives a thousand miles away, what do you do? You place an order online to have her gift delivered to her doorstep on her birthday. We have all done it, it is simple and convenient. But, what many of us have not done, is ensured our safety while doing so.

Consider the process you just followed to place your order. You would have had to create a profile, insert your personal details, add your payment details and to some extent, the personal details of the person the gift is being delivered to. These are some important bits of information being shared on a public forum, so how safe is this data? And what are you doing to promote your online safety?

As the world embraces online living, it has become more important than ever to make sure that you are only giving your details to trusted sites while finding ways to ensure that this data remains secure. If you are feeling overwhelmed, take a deep breath and sit down. We have a few tips to help you work smarter in the online world.

Do not “safely store” your password ANYWHERE!

This is a bad habit that a lot of us are guilty of, and I do not think we need to tell you why it is a bad idea. BUT, just in case… By saving your passwords, you are giving anyone who accesses your device access to trusted services and systems. Above and beyond that, if a hacker can gain access to even one of these accounts, the rest of your accounts and subscriptions are made vulnerable.

Two-factor authentication

Most services offer two-factor authentication, which means that you must confirm that you are logging in using a second confirmation method, for example, an OTP. While this may seem cumbersome, this extra level of protection has become a necessity. Do not compromise your safety for comfort.

Change it up

There is a reason why the IT guy at work sends out reminders to have you update your password every month or so. You will also find that most of your software providers send out the same request – it is not to annoy you. It is to ensure the safety of your data and devices. More so, stop using the same password for everything! Keep things interesting and change it up occasionally.

Only use trusted sites

Whenever you need to save your data online, make sure that the site is trusted and verified, just like when you’re playing for riches. This means that they know how to manage sensitive data and that you will be kept safe while networking online.

For some, these tips are self-explanatory while for others, it may have resulted in a groan or two. We are not here to make your life difficult. On the contrary, we are trying to ensure your safety and as a result, prevent any unnecessary admin.