How Do You Put Together A Successful Digital Marketing Campaign?

A digital marketing campaign has a lot of moving parts which all work together in order to grow your business. When you get your digital marketing campaign up and running with advertisements, email automation as well as sales funnels you will have the ability to review analytics as well as physically see your business developing.

From defining your digital marketing goals and budget to setting up Facebook and Google advertising is a long road, but we’re here to give you the best advice, tips and tricks to building your next digital marketing campaign.

The exciting world of digital marketing has grown, and today there’s obviously more than one way to market your website on the internet. The great news is that though these areas are separate categories. They can all work together in order to achieve your goals and grow your business.

What Are The Six Categories Of Digital Marketing?

  1. Content marketing – The creation – as well as publication – of very useful content that is designed to draw in, educate and maintain your target audience.
  2. Native advertising – Also termed as ‘advertorials’, native advertising is a kind of online advertisement which is similar to the editorial content of the website or publication that they’re promoting.
  3. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising – PPC is a digital marketing strategy which involves online ads. Advertisers pay each time that a user clicks on one of their adverts.
  4. Search engine optimisation (SEO) – This is the practice of developing a website so that it becomes search engine friendly and attracts organic traffic to the website.
  5. Social media marketing – This is the practice of marketing a product or service on social media platforms.
  6. Email marketing – A marketing approach which uses email as a method of marketing to and nurturing potential and existing clients.

Decide On What You Want to Accomplish

Would you like your digital marketing campaigns to accomplish? Would you like to:

  • Build brand name recognition?
  • Generate leads?
  • Obtain more sales, or email subscribers?

Whatever it is that you would like, though, it is necessary for you to name it.

This is yet another way in which marketing has an online dating crossover comparison. If you go on a number of blind dates with no idea about what you’re looking for, you could very well settle down with the first person who you are able to tolerate, instead of flexing your options like when you spin the wheel and win If you have a list of traits you want in a person, you’re much more likely to nail down your match.

Your goals really do matter, and you’ll need to take particular steps in order to accomplish each one.

While it could seem tempting to just dive in and get started on as many platforms as possible, telling yourself you’ll figure out the details later on down the line, you’re really just shooting yourself in the foot. Running any kind of digital marketing campaign (even just SEO) without a particular set of goals in mind isn’t just like walking around in Paris without a GPS. It’s more like getting into a sailboat with no map and you’re likely to get stuck floating around somewhere far away from land.