Basic Tips To Increase Traffic To Your Website

When it comes to building your business, simply having a website is not enough. You want to ensure that as many people as possible see your site and can easily understand what services you have to offer and how these are relevant to them. However in a world dominated by digital offerings, getting more traffic to your website can seem like a daunting task.

During these trying times, here are some basic things that you should be doing if you want to successfully grow your website and audience online:

  1. Focus On Your Community

One of the first step’s to increasing your website traffic is to grow an engaged community, both offline and online, that will love and support your brand. One of the best ways to do this is, of course, through social media. Be sure to post on your social media channels regularly, keep up to date with comments and messages and engage with your audience who ask questions and provide feedback online. Make sure your social media handles and hashtags are clearly visible on all your documentation so your customers know who to follow and tag in their posts.

Also engage your staff in order to build this audience. By encouraging your staff to use and share your website and giving them the tools to do so, such as the correct email signatures. This way your staff will not only feel engaged with your business but so will their friends and their friends’ friends, and so on. All of these people then contribute to growing your business and creating an engaged and thriving community.

  1. Build Your Blog

A good blog is not only great for your website and SEO by keeping fresh new content that draws traffic to your website, but it is also a space where you can talk directly to interested clients, sharing stories and news. A good blog allows you to put a personality behind your brand, creating trust between you and your reader or potential customer.

Harness the power of social storytelling and word of mouth advertising by making it easy for your clients to share their stories on your blog. By including customer testimonials and reviews on your blog, your clients are more likely to share your site, while an increased level of trust will be established with potential new customers.

  1. Invest In Good Photos And Videos

Your photos and videos sell your business so make sure you invest in good quality imagery and ensure it is showcased throughout all your marketing material, including on your website. Great high resolution imagery that is up to date will draw viewers to your website and will keep them engaged for longer as they discover your product.

Also invest in ensuring that your videos and images are correctly formatted for the best results on your website.

  1. Work With Others

The right influencers and journalists can be an amazing source of website traffic and good marketing for your business. Reach out to credible bloggers, photographers, videographers and journalists and see how you can work together to expand your reach, whether you’re in fashion, online slots in Singapore promotion, or any other sector. You don’t need to go for the one with the largest following – choosing a smaller local influencer with the right target market can be a better, more profitable solution.