5 Apps That Will Make Working From Home A Breeze

As more and more businesses are opting to let their employees work from home – or remotely – on a more permanent basis, the new needs of the average office worker entails easy communication options, as well as ways to keep morale and productivity high. The following apps cater to various remote working jobs and all will ensure that the work from home transition is a smooth process.

  1. Slack

Slack is one of the easiest apps to use and it takes up very little space on your laptop or mobile phone. The main purpose of this app is to help teams to keep in touch via private messages or larger group chats and it is a ideal middle ground between instant messengers and email – so you won’t miss out on all the memes to colleagues, while still being able to present a professional front to your boss. It’s ideal for those who need feedback regularly for tasks performed and helps with keeping email traffic to a minimum.

  1. Zoom

Perfect for those who need a video component to their meetings, the cloud-based Zoom app has a host of more business-friendly options than alternatives like WhatsApp Video and Skype. With Zoom, the meeting creator has complete control over the entire meeting – with the ability to record it for later review and is able do things such as mute team members who may have unwanted background noise. The app works even in low-bandwidth areas for those whose internet is touch and go and it works across multiple devices to ensure there’s no break in continuity for those who prefer to use it on their computers only.

  1. Trello

Trello is a good option for teams who need a visual checklist that changes in real time as tasks are completed. This is great for those in the writing or editing field to keep track of projects they’re busy with, and eliminates the need for back and forth emails or post it note apps that often wind up with multiple project notes quite quickly

  1. We Transfer

Ideal for freelancers who need to send large quality files to clients quickly, WeTransfer is free up to a 2G limit, and quite cost effective should you need to send larger files. The files sent are hosted in the cloud for up to 7 days, ensuring clients have ample time to download what is sent, and saving time on having to send multiple emails or meet in person to exchange the image via a flashdrive.

  1. Remote PC

For teams that need hands on assistance in the form of IT support, Remote PC caters to this by allowing a team member to virtually log into a colleagues computer and ‘take over’ the task required. Remote PC is available on desktops and mobile devices and ensures a smooth service is offered each time. It’s also a great tool for employees who need to access files on the go say from their tablet or their phones if the actual documents in question are saved on their home or office-based computers.