The Top Reasons To Use Linux

Most people are well-acquainted with Windows, the operating system that powers the vast majority of the world’s desktops. But Windows is just one of many others, and one of the most prominent in the world today is Linux. Lead by a penguin as its mascot, Linux is as old as Windows, but took an entirely different path when it came to providing an operating system to its users. Where Windows is a closed environment, Linux was designed from the ground up to be open and accessible.

For those computer users that are getting sick of dealing with Windows breaking after every third update, switching over to Linux might be the best way forward, as we will explore here.

  1. It’s Completely Free

Almost all of the most popular Linux distributions are free to download, install, and use. While some do have subscription models, these are usually aimed at enterprise versions of the operating system, while a free version is usually available for the average user. Where Windows can be expensive to buy and replace, most Linux distributions will always be free to use, making it a great way of saving costs when buying a new computer.

  1. Better Performance

Windows is known for being extremely bloated, and modern iterations of the operating system are simply unusable on older hardware. Linux, due to its huge variety, can be installed on even the oldest hardware while still maintaining adequate performance. Even for 32-bit machines that are more than two decades old, there are plenty of Linux distros to choose from. Linux is also known for making better use of hardware, and for being overall more stable when it comes to updates and functionality.

  1. Easy To Use

Some people might think that they would need to be computer experts in order to install a Linux-based distro, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. While it’s true that some of them can be quite complex to install and set up, there are just as many that are easier to install than Windows. This often involves nothing more than downloading the Linux distribution, putting it on a USB stick, plugging it into the computer, and then following the set-up guide. Installation will usually never take more than 15 minutes, and many modern Linux distributions will automatically detect hardware and install the necessary drivers to make everything work properly, meaning that using Linux is really like hitting the aces when it comes to ease of use.

  1. Great Communities

Most of the more commonly used Linux distributions also have a wonderful assortment of helpful communities that can help out when a user runs into problems. Ubuntu, for example, is famous for having a large community that will be more than happy to assist with any issues. Arch Linux, while aimed at more experienced Linux users, also boasts a massive and welcoming community.

  1. Plenty of Programs

Another benefit of using Linux is access to the huge repositories of programs available, all for free. This includes just about every program imaginable, from office suites to graphic design apps. Ubuntu users can use more than 50000 different apps, covering just about every user need under the sun.