How To Safely Store All Your Important Files

We’re living in an age where there has never been more choice in terms of keeping personal information and files safe from prying eyes. New and improved forms of encryption combined with potent security measures means that it’s now possible to keep data completely locked away from the world.

It can take a bit of experimentation to find a solution that works for you, but there are a few easy steps that a person is able to follow to keep their files as secure as possible.

Multiple Backups

Having one backup is a good start, but it also means that if anything were to happen to that backup, the data could be lost forever. This is why IT experts generally recommend having more than a single backup at any one time.

A general rule is to have one with you at home, one off-site – such as with a friend or family – and one that’s stored in the cloud. Redundancy is a vital concept in the IT industry, and for anyone that wants to always have a backup at hand in case of an emergency, it’s better to have more than a single backup available.

File Encryption

The first and easiest methods of locking away personal files is by putting them behind a password, which is done through encryption. Here, a program is used to essentially take the files and lock them in a kind of vault that can only be opened with an assigned password.

Some operating systems, such as Windows 10 Pro, can do this natively, but it can also be done by using external programs, with Cryptomator being a good example. Encryption is a powerful tool when it comes to long-term file storage that can only be accessed with the right password. It should be noted that just because a file has been encrypted, it doesn’t mean that it’s safe from being deleted.

If the files on a hard drive have been encrypted, but the hard drive itself hasn’t, it’s possible for the entire drive to be wiped leaving everything deleted. For this reason, many prefer to encrypt the entire drive and keep it safe from being formatted.

Cloud Backups

Those that want to make use of cloud backups for their storage needs will want to make use of a service like Google Drive of Microsoft OneDrive, giving them a peace of mind so that they can enjoy their free time checking out blackjack sites in the Philippines. These make use of the latest security protocols that ensure that no third parties have access to the data.

At the same time, it’s important to be aware that companies like Google to retain the right to scan through documents uploaded to the cloud, which some may find to be a breach of their privacy. One way to get around this and still make use of the cloud is by encrypting the data with Cryptomator before loading it up to the cloud. This allows the data to be stored safely off-site while also disallowing these companies from scanning through the contents.