Why Google Remains a Good Choice For Consumers

Google is currently the king of the internet and of mobile phone usage, controlling the market in terms of both Android and their popular search engine. They’re an absolute behemoth of a company, in the top 5 biggest in the world, and almost all internet traffic on the planet at one point or another makes use of Google’s global infrastructure. But, as many may know, Google has come under scrutiny for their privacy issues, with many complaining of the amount of private user data that the company has access to.

Fortunately, so far at least, Google has not used their users’ data for any malicious means, and despite some questionable changes within the company, most of the workforce is committed to offering users the latest security. For those that have been looking at Google alternatives, whether it’s for personal use or for business solutions, there are a few good reasons to choose Google over its competitors.

Ease of Access

Google’s massive, international reach means that they have been able to build huge data centres on every continent, most of which run on renewable, reliable electricity systems. That means that the company is able to provide their services with almost no down time, and if one data centre does go dark, there’s almost certainly a second one that can take the flak. Google isn’t perfect, however, and some may recall that their Gmail service went down for a few hours just some years ago, but it didn’t take long for them to restore full functionality. For users that want to travel, using Google is almost a no-brainer in terms of access to data, cloud backups, and their Google Maps service.

It’s Almost Entirely Free

Google offers its customers high quality services for completely free. Many might argue that the services aren’t technically free, as google uses its customers’ data to provide personalised ads, but in terms of having to pay any subscriptions to make use of their services: there aren’t any. Starting a new account gives the user 15 gigs of online storage, which encompasses everything from their Drive cloud backup solutions to Gmail to their automatic Photos service. Even increasing the amount of storage available from 15 gigabytes to 100 is relatively cheap compared to most other offerings.

Ease of Use

Any computer literate people that have moved away from Google will know that while there are many alternatives that exist, they don’t usually work all that well. The teams at Google have made sure that all of their apps work well together, and automatic backups are carried out entirely without the user having to be involved in any way, making it a better choice for those that don’t have the time to sit and restore all of the data on a new phone, so people can go straight to making phone calls, managing their work life or enjoy playing casino games. Of course, it’s always worth mentioning that Google does not practice the best privacy in the world, and they are not a good choice for those that have anything they want to keep hidden. But unless a person is willing to maintain their own, physical server, having anything on the cloud is at a risk to prying eyes, Google or not.