What Does PC Gaming Lack?

PC gaming nowadays encompasses huge monitors, ideal controllers in mouse-and-keyboard combos, near-universal gamepad support, a seemingly infinite supply of independent projects, traditional big-box games, and unfaltering F2P behemoths. Console exclusives are very quickly becoming relics of the past.

Given that we can also play slots online in Australia and around the rest of the world, PC gaming is more exciting and vibrant than it has ever been. Of course, it’s not perfect, however. So how, in big ways or small, could this hobby be improved?

Basic Human Decency

It would be awesome, says players, if more than three Apex Legends games could be played before you’re teamed up with at least one truly gross guy. Or if women could utilise Voice Chat in online games without having to prepare for having to fight off advances from the absolute worst of humanity. Or if it was possible to mention these problems without having a legion of bad-tempered men descend from Mansplaining Heaven to tell us that it’s all just words and why does it even matter. The main thing missing from PC gaming is the sense that we could employ a little kindness and treat each other with basic respect and this would be a worthwhile thing to do.

Faster Load Times

We have had fast SSDs available for PCs for some time now, and drives that are even faster are now relatively commonplace and reasonably priced. Using SSDs instead of hard drives has improved load times, but players want to see a bigger change, and the sooner the better.

If the PS4 manages to get things to the point where you’re able to launch a game and be playing it in less than 10 seconds without seeing Load Screens there’s no reason that this isn’t possible on PCs. In fact, if the 2020 PS5 has this feature, it’s likely been possible for several years on PC already.

Perfect Recording Tools

Why does everything have to have an overlay? All players want is a lightweight application with some easy-to-remember keyboard shortcuts!

Share options have been built into Nvidia’s GeForce Experience, and it started out very promisingly. Being able to install GPU Drivers from within Windows without having to restart your computer was incredible! But it’s become bloated with extraneous features along the way, in an attempt to become its own game catalogue with settings autotuned for its titles. And you have to open an account to use it to satisfy Nvidia’s hunger for your personal data. The technology company created the most excellent way to screenshot and video game action but put it inside software that opens incredibly slowly and frequently forgets your login info.


Most technology has shrunk over time, and even our personal computers did for a while. While they don’t take up entire rooms anymore, the average size and weight for a decent device seem to have remained unchanged for more than a decade now. Players want a great gaming PC that could be carried around more easily.