The Top Tools For Home PC Maintenance

When something goes wrong with a computer, most people tend to panic initially, especially when they think about how complicated modern computers really are. There are a lot of things that can go wrong, and for many it means having to call in an expect to try and fix the problem.

But basic computer maintenance is fairly easy to learn and implement and can help when troubleshooting simple issues. Here we will look at some tips worth knowing and tools worth having to perform computer maintenance and repair.

General Tips

There are a few things to always keep in mind when looking to try and fix a computer. For starters, it’s always necessary to turn the computer off and unplug if from the wall when opening it up. Computers, specifically the power supply unit, can help a lot of electricity, so it’s never a good idea to touch the components of a computer when it’s turned on. If the user suspects that there may be an issue being caused by the PSU, then it’s time to call in an expect, as these can be extremely dangerous.

Additionally, the space should always be kept as dry as possible, as any moisture, such as water, that gets into the components may cause a short circuit or could lead to problems with erosion. Now let’s look at some useful tools.

Basic Screwdriver Kit

Most modern computers make use of standard screws, and can be opened quite easily with a very basic screwdriver. Of course, some of the components might not come equipped with standard screws, but these are rare, and might need to be sent in to a professional to be fixed. It might be worth investing in a kit made up of various sizes of screwdriver, both star and flat, as these can do just about 90% of the work when it comes to opening the PC up.

Compressed Air

The next thing to have around is compressed air. This can come in two forms: either in a can, or as a tool that can be plugged into the wall. Choosing one over the other depends on how often the user cleans their machine, and a can of compressed air can often last for long periods of time if cleaning is done infrequently. They can help dislodge dust throughout the computer and are great for cleaning those parts that are hard to reach.

Good Headlamp

Even with great room lighting, it can be difficult to see in the inner workings of the computer, which is why it’s worth having a quality headlamp on hand. They can brighten up the entire case, allowing the user to check for any accumulated dust and other issues.

Thermal Paste

Applying thermal paste can be nerve-wracking at first, but it can make a huge difference when a computer is overheating, whether that’s from playing PC games or having fun at top Canadian casino sites.

It’s best to watch some video tutorials on how thermal paste is applied, as it’s possible to cause some issues when done incorrectly.