The Most Common Modern Cameras

The camera is one of the oldest pieces of technology that remains extremely popular round the world to this day. First developed 200 years ago, cameras have had one of the greatest progression arcs of all time, starting out as simple devices for capturing very basic imagery, to the incredibly advanced machines that we use in our every day lives. For those wanting to take up photography, whether it’s as a hobby or as a profession, these are the most common types of cameras available on the market right now.

  1. Compact Cameras

Compact cameras are more commonly known as Point and Shoot cameras, and are an inexpensive device that’s aimed at those that are breaking into the field for the first time. They generally tend to be quite lightweight and small, and come with automatic settings. They are extremely user friendly, and are designed to be used at a moment’s notice, with almost zero setup required. Compact cameras often come with zoom lenses and integrated flashes, and many modern iterations will also boast touch screens.

  1. Action Cameras

As extreme sports, travel, and adventure become more popular among younger generations, many companies quickly realised that there was a growing demand for tough, high quality cameras that could be used in any environment. Companies like GoPro released their series of small, compact devices that were completely waterproof and shockproof, and could be taken into most environments on the planet, from scaling mountains to swimming in the sea. They’ve become extremely popular among athletes and extreme sports enthusiasts, but also understandably tend to be quite expensive compared to many other types of cameras, so you may need to win big playing at casino in order to buy one.

  1. Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR)

Digital SLR cameras are aimed at professional photographers that have had the necessary training to use their many functions correctly. They tend to be quite large compared to compact cameras, and much of their design is based on the devices used in film and television. The lenses on these types of cameras are often interchangeable, depending on the type of zoom and angle, as well as whether the device has a full frame or cropped sensor. The quality of the lens for DSLR cameras can range widely, with a number of cheaper options available alongside lenses that can cost as much as a small car. The type of lens a photographer requires depends entirely on the type of image capture they want, and it’s not uncommon to see wildlife photographers sporting some of the best lenses that money can buy.

  1. Compact Mirrorless Cameras

Similar in many ways to DSLR cameras, these mirrorless variants contain all of the best features of the former but come in a much lighter weight and are generally less pricey. They work through a special internal mirror that reflects light into a sensor, which is then sent to the LCD screen and captured on memory. They’re a solid alternative to a standard DSLR, offering similar quality imagery without the massive price tag, and they’re already being hailed as the next range of cameras for the future.