The Makeup of a Desktop Computer

Computers are incredibly advanced modern marvels of innovation, and they’re made up of a number of parts that all work together. All basic desktop computers require all of these parts in order to run properly, although it’s sometimes possible to have two or more integrated into a single component.

For those wanting to learn more about their home computers, these are the most vital components found in them.

The Case

The tower or case of a desktop computer is the box that stores all of the various components. Sometimes computer cases are horizontal or smaller to allow the user to fit them on a shelf more easily. However, vertical towers tend to be the more common configuration for most desktops. Tower cases are generally made from metal and plastic.

The Motherboard

The motherboard is the piece of the computer where all the others are seated. The motherboard is the primary circuit board of a computer. The motherboard supplies power to the central processing unit along with all the other computers, while also providing a connection between all of them.


The processor of a computer is often called the CPU, or the central processing unit. It’s most commonly referred to as the brains of the computer, and is the internal part of the computer responsible for computing and calculation. The processor may be an integral part of the computer, and is extremely small in terms of size.


RAM is an acronym that stands for “random access memory.” RAM may also be called short-term memory gives a computer the ability to execute processes. Therefore, the more RAM a computer has, the more processes it can complete at one time and at much higher speeds. Any information contained in the RAM disappears when the computer is turned off.

Hard Drive

The hard drive of a computer is the place where the system stores all of the information that it needs to process, along with other formats, such as media.  To use software, you must install it on the computer’s hard drive. Once it’s there, the hard drive will retrieve all information needed to run the program. Hard drives come in all shapes and sizes, and are currently being phased out as Solid State Drives take over, which are faster, more reliable form of storage.

Video Card/Graphics Card

A video card might also be called a graphics card. The video card on a computer makes it possible for images to display on the screen as well as allowing graphical programs to run, such as computer games or online betting NZ. The video card plugs into the motherboard. Once installed, it generates images for display. Video cards come with different specifications and capabilities. An inexpensive video card may not produce high-quality graphics while a more expensive video card should make it possible to view images at a higher resolution and level of detail.


This can include all of the external peripherals that a computer needs for both input and out. Some of the items include the monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, and scanner.