The Current Graphics Card Leaderboard

Visuals are an important part of the modern computing experience, powering the graphical user interfaces we use to the 3D games we play. Graphics cards are the powerhouse behind most of today’s more advanced visuals, and no gaming rig would be complete without one of the latest RTX or Radeon. This is a breakdown of the most powerful graphics cards that are currently available to consumers.

1. AMD Radeon VII

AMD has come along with its range of CPUs, now offering a wide variety of options that completely outshine everything that Intel has on the market. Unfortunately, their CPU dominance doesn’t extend to their graphical lineup, and while the hardware behind their flagship Radeon VII is on par with what Nvidia offers, it’s their numerous software and driver problems that are holding them back.

Regardless, the Radeon VII is a 16GB monster card that potentially rivals the 2080, although it runs much hotter and has many more performance issues.

2. Nvidia GTX 2080

Considered by many to be the standard to live up to at the moment, the GTX 2080 is an extremely powerful and well-designed card easily capable of handling just about any task thrown at it.

It boasts full support of ray tracing, and while most games don’t support this feature currently, it’s expected to become much more common in coming years. While it’s slowly being edged out by its Super Counterpart, the GTX 2080 remains one of the best choices available..

3. Nvidia GTX 2080 Ti

The big brother to the 2080, the 2080 Ti is among the most powerful GPUs currently on the market, offering 11GB GDDR6, ray tracing, and deep learning. In terms of editing and gaming or playing online bingo NZ, there are not many cards in the world that can quite compare.

This is Nvidia’s performance card for those that want the very best in their machine, and makes a perfect companion to AMD’s latest range of ultra-powerful CPUs, such as their new Threadripper.

4. Nvidia Titan RTX

The Titan is part of Nvidia’s ultra card lineup; the cards that are aimed at those that use them for heavy medical research or editing videos at 8K or more.

The Titan is the most powerful graphics card in the world at the moment save for the Quadro, although the two cards share most of the same specs. With 24GB of GDDR6 memory, and 4608 CUDA cores, the Titan dwarfs the performance of even the 2080 Ti. It also dwarfs the price of the 2080, although this is a card that only a few would be able to afford.

5. Nvidia Quadro RTX 8000

Lastly, we have the very best that Nvidia can offer to the public: the Quadro RTX 8000. While the 8000 shares most of its specs with the Titan, it differs in terms of video ram, where it offers 48GB in total, a truly incredible amount.

But this isn’t a card intended for gaming, but rather for heavy, graphically-intense research purposes, such as mapping the proteins found in viruses.