The Best Privacy-Orientated Business Tools

Technology has allowed the world of business to transform and evolve in ways that were previously unimaginable. Today, a new business can use social media for marketing, cloud servers for productivity, and a wide range of various tools to ensure that everyone is up to date on their work.

But as more and more groups and individuals call for greater privacy, many businesses around the world have decide to take the necessary steps to ensure the privacy of their employees as well as their data. For those small businesses looking to turn away from Big Tech and their data harvesting, these are the best tools around that focus on privacy.


Google and Microsoft have embedded themselves as the leaders of cloud-based business ecosystems, allowing employees to interact, communicate, and share data in several convenient ways. But these services, while often being paid, also tend to harvest plenty of data from those that use them.

The next best solution is NextCloud, a service that provides plenty of useful tools for both individuals and businesses, but with a much stronger focus on privacy. It’s possible to hire a cloud server to make use of NextCloud, but it can just as easily be run on a local server to provide services for everyone’s needs. NextCloud is free for personal use, but businesses will be required to pay a fee to use it.


Google Docs and Microsoft’s Office are great features to have for a growing company. They allow their workers to do their work online, meaning that they have the ability to work in real time with others, while having a safe place to store their documents. The issue here, however, is that it’s become fairly well known that these companies also retain the right to scan the documents that are uploaded to their servers, which many see as a violation of privacy.

Cryptpad is an excellent service that provides end-to-end encryption while also allowing the user to create and edit documents through their browser. While it isn’t quite as fleshed out as the other services, it’s still quite young and will no doubt become more mature over the next few years, but it can helpful when trying to write a quick document or create a spreadsheet to track winnings from online bingo Malaysia.


One of the best ways of keeping data safe is by locking it away and having a unique password that’s only available to specific users. Locking files in a vault with a password or passphrase disallows any unauthorised parties from gaining access to what sensitive information within. One of the best tools on the market to do this is Cryptomator, which can create encrypted volumes with passwords. It can open these volumes, allow data to be transferred, and then lock the volume once everything has been completed.


Keeping passwords safe online has been made that much easier thanks to password managers, and one of the best in the world right now is Bitwarden. Not only does it offer a wide range of various features, but it boasts end-to-end encryption, sync across devices, as well as an enterprise facility to accommodate even the largest of businesses.