How Windows and Linux Differ

For most of the world, Microsoft’s Windows has been more than enough, being the perfect operation system for everyone from hardware gamers to office users. But Windows isn’t the only OS on the block, and its reign as king of the computer world is slowly being eroded every day, mostly by those that use Linux operating systems.

Linux operating systems have been in development for as long as Windows has, and, in fact, much of the software we use on a daily basis is based off of Linux systems. The question remains then: what are the main differences between Windows and Linux?

1. Gaming

In terms of gaming, Windows is definitely the clear winner. The vast majority of games in the world were designed to work in a Windows environment, whether it’s through Steam or other 3rd party software. Things are changing, however, with Valve working on Proton, which will allow a certain portion of Linux users to make use of a large number of games within the Steam library.

2. Access

For many, having full access to the code that runs everything is vitally important. Now only does it allow the user to see if there’s anything malicious going on behind the scenes, but it allows them to build programs that run better with the operating system. This is a problem with Windows, as Microsoft has kept its source code closed from the public, meaning that it’s possible for them to slip intrusive ads or other software into the OS without the user being aware of it. Most Linux environments are open source and available to the public, meaning that anyone is able to check if anything is amiss, and playing the top pokies online NZ is always a pleasure.

3. Performance

This applies specifically to Windows 10, as older versions are no longer officially supported. While Windows 10 is undoubtedly feature-rich, it can also be a massive drain on some computers, especially older or those with weaker hardware, making it difficult to play games. With Linux, it’s possible to bring an old computer back to life, or to take an extremely slow one and make it run like brand new. Due to the many different types of Linux available, the user is able to pick and choose one that would best suit their needs. Ubuntu might be better for a modern desktop computer, while Puppy Linux is a good choice for those wanting to try and get an old computer running again.

4. Cost

Cost is a big one to consider, especially for those living in a country where Windows is expensive. Windows costs money, and on top of the operating system, the user will need to pay for Microsoft’s office suite. For Linux users, almost every single OS is completely free to download and use, and usually comes with plenty of free software that works just as well if not better than the software that Windows offers.

Overall, Windows remains the better choice for gamers and casual users, while Linux systems are great for anyone wanting something new.