Antivirus Software – Do You Really Need It ?

There’s been a lot of debate over the last few decades as to whether the average computer user needs some kind of antivirus software on their computer. Many experts believe that owning a computer means that antivirus software is a necessity, especially as cybercrime becomes more of a problem around the world. On the flip side of the coin, however, others say that antivirus suites and software are nothing but a scam that’s perpetuated by companies in order to get customers to buy something that they don’t really need.

The truth, however, is somewhere in between these two opinions, as we will explore below.

Antiviruses And Their Usage

Viruses and malicious software have undoubtedly caused heaps of trouble for people around the world. From massive breaches to personal computers getting targeted, denying that there’s no cyber criminal activity on the internet would be a disservice to anyone wanting their own personal computer. Like many other types of software, antivirus suites were developed as a sincere means to protect consumers; to ensure that their devices were protected against the dangers of the internet, and especially against malicious programs, such as worms and trojans.

For the most part, this works quite well, but it’s important to understand how they work before buying one. For most big antivirus suites, any new malicious software that starts to get around is added to their database, where engineers write protections into updates that are then sent out to everyone using the suite. This works fairly well in dealing with the virus once it’s on the device, but it’s ultimately ineffective in stopping any new threats from causing some initial damage. In other words, some people will need to first be affected in some way before a company is able to ensure others aren’t, which obviously isn’t great for the people that have to deal with the fallout, whether that means losing personal or financial information.

Do Users Need Them

This is a difficult question to answer fully, but the general consensus among experts is that a dedicated antivirus suite of software is not necessary for most computers. This has become even more true since Windows developed their own, baked-in antivirus software – Windows Defender – which is able to stop and contain most threats with ease. While it’s still suggested to have a program like Malwarebytes on their computer, most users can start to consider not renewing their current antivirus, as long as they follow a few basic rules when making use of the internet, whether it’s for work, entertainment, or enjoying the best online pokies.

How To Remain Safe Online

Almost all malicious software that infects a person’s computer is done so by the actions of that user. And this almost always comes in the form of a dangerous email that’s broadcast to many people at once. Experts agree that checking email contents before opening them is more effective at preventing an infection than most antivirus solutions, and that avoiding any dodgy download links while browsing the internet can make a world of difference. An antivirus can and does work, but often the damage is long done before the infection can be removed.