5 Best Apps For New Parents

Parenting in today’s modern world can be tricky. While technology has helped in tremendous ways it has also helped to separate us from physical classes and hospitals, where new parents used to spend more time learning about their babies. Thankfully, what technology has brought new parents is a range of helpful apps that take the guesswork out of those daunting days where your life changes forever.

So what are the best apps for new parents? Let’s take a look at some of the best:


An innovative photo app for new parents, Tinybeans allows you to store all those precious newborn moments without turning your photo gallery into an endless reel of baby pics. Store all your baby pics in Tinybeans while also accessing a range of useful parenting tips through the app. If you aren’t big on sharing your baby photos on social media or perhaps you’re older relatives aren’t on the likes of Facebook and Instagram, you can privately share pictures to friends and family through the Tinybeans app.

Sound Sleeper

It is said that babies love the sound of white noise as it is more akin to the muffled sounds they would have heard in the womb. Sound sleeper offers a host of white noise choices on the free version of the app while you can also record your own lullabies to help your baby drift off to sleep.

Feed Baby

In the chaotic first few weeks of being a new parent, you may struggle to remember your own name, let alone when you last fed your baby. The Feed Baby tracker allows you to make notes of when you last fed your baby, how long baby fed for and which side they fed on. The app generates its own reports so you can have a look if your baby’s trends are normal and it can also be shared between nannies and grandparents, so you are all on the same page.

The Wonder Weeks

Don’t want to miss a moment when it comes to your baby’s development? The Wonder Weeks app allows you to record those precious milestones in your child’s life. The app will give you insight into the activities of your baby and why they may be behaving or acting in a certain way. The app will also let you know when your baby is going to enter into a new developmental stage, advising what to watch out for and what you have to look forward to – just like when you play Philippines slots and the flashing lights indicate a big win is about to come your way.

Our Home

For new parents, the simple act of raising a child is often all you can focus on. This means that the daily tasks in your house, such as weeding the lawn, washing the dishes, or buying the groceries can pile up. The Our Home app allows you to delegate certain tasks to certain people, even creating a reward system for the other children in your household. Reminders will also pop up on your phone to remind you to take out the garbage or pay a bill.