Basic Site - Static HTML

Static websites are suitable for sites with very simple requirements to act as a presence and point of referral on the web. People looking for whatever you offer come across your website (typically via a search engine or business listing site), from which they get your real world contact information and get in touch with you.

Static websites may not seem terribly flashy, but they are very efficient in terms of resources on the web host. Consequently, a static HTML site is better at handling a rapid influx of visitors, such as can occur after a successful advertising blitz or TV appearance.

Typical package consists of: a basic information page, contact details, maybe a short product listing, pricelist and a page to explain what you're all about. The basic package comes with up to 5 pages, and additional pages can be requested for £25 each.

Simple Dynamic (or database driven) Site

A site which is primarily a static showcase site (the 'blurb' rarely changes), but with dynamic elements (such as product pages, guestbook, reviews page, news page or contact/order forms). These allow you to add updates to sections relatively easily, or in the case of reviews or contact pages allows your customers to communicate with you. The benefits are better communication between you and your customers, and a fresher, more up to date site with a bit more immediacy to it. Email forms make getting in touch with you as easy as possible, and a news page allows you to make announcements about your business - new products, special offers etc. This site by the way, is about typical of this category.

Custom Made Sites

More complex sites can be developed but will be priced individually as the major factor will be the complexity of any dynamic programming required. This can only really be evaluated after you get in touch with me to discuss what you want from your website, and what we can achieve. For a full quote I will need to meet/talk with you so that we can agree on the details and produce a written brief.

More complex sites may be needed to address specific needs of your business for the web (for instance, an estate agent would need custom programming to give customers the tools they would expect from their website - ability to search properties by price range, area, save properties and so on). Perhaps you have similar business-driven needs. You might also have additional promotional material, or have written articles that you would like to utilise on the website, need a significant catalogue put onto the web, or want a more sophisticated e-commerce order system.

I also welcome enquiries for smaller projects - a little graphics work here, fixing layouts there, making changes and updates to an existing site.... See below for details.

Domain Names

If you want a domain name, I will include that for a year with each site. Other domain names such as .com, or .eu can be more expensive and must be purchased separately. You do not -have- to have a domain name, but they make good business sense as they make the site address easier to remember. (NB - Domain names are not bought outright, more leased - they can be acquired for 1 or 2 years, and must be renewed with a domain name registry thereafter.)

Web hosting

Web sites need to be hosted in order to exist on the internet. Free hosting does exist but usually has drawbacks such as advertising banners and limited functionality. For that reason, I would typically recommend that you also buy some web hosting. I can offer a package suitable for your needs, or you can buy hosting elsewhere.


I'm not an artist, but I am proficient in creating graphics for use in web and print. If you have artwork/photos/logos that you want on the website - you will have to provide me with high quality copies, digital or physical - so that I can incorporate them. If you haven't got any artwork for your site but want some, then I may be able to design some for you or put you in touch with someone who can. I can do general web graphics, banner ads and some print work.


If you're not much of a copywriter, as long as you give me a plenty of information on the subject of the site I may be able to write content for your site pages. If you have just decided you want a website but have no idea what you want it to say, this may be for you.

Updating and maintenance

If you don't want the hassle of updating your website, I can offer update and maintenance work at a fixed rate of £25/hr. This applies to sites that I make, or to other sites you might want modernising. I can give you a time estimate of how long such jobs will take.

For most websites, I will need a certain basic level of information - namely, content text, and artwork for the website. Alternatively, you can leave it up to me to design your entire site (although I will need enough information about your business to enable me to write your copy!) but this is harder and will be priced to reflect that - dependent on the scope of the site.

If you know what you want from the design and can clearly convey what you want, I'll try my best to make it for you - but if not, then I'll focus on making a design that is simple, clean, accessible and gets the information across effectively.

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