Virus Removal

Computer viruses are an annoying part of online life. Despite the continual improvement of antivirus software, virus/malware writers are constantly trying to outfox them.

If you momentarily let your guard down and clicked on a malicious link or dialogue box, or if your antivirus program was outsmarted by a fresh new piece of malware, then your PC is probably acting fairly strange right about now.

Perhaps you have tried to run your antivirus program, but it fails to run, doesn't detect a problem, or has been replaced by a fake antivirus program that is asking you for money to upgrade your subscription.

Maybe your friends are getting emails from you that you didn't send, often a sign that your PC or email account has been compromised.

Maybe your searches are all being redirected to a different website than the one you usually use.

Or, perhaps the only sign of infection is a cranky, unstable PC.

If any of this sounds like your computer, it's pretty likely that it has been infected with a virus/malware. Give me a ring on 02920 470798 and I'll have your PC back on it's feet.

Prices for virus removal are typically around £50.

Please have your original Windows or manufacturers disks available if possible.

They are a source of known good system files which can greatly increase the odds of a successful repair, having them does NOT mean that I will simply wipe the drive and reinstall.

If a reformat is truly necessary, I will call and ask you first.

Wherever possible I try to repair the system and remove the virus, keeping your system and settings relatively intact. However, sometimes a virus will do so much damage that the only safe option is to reformat the PC and reinstall the operating system. In these cases I will work with you to transfer important data, so that you can keep your existing documents.

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