Computer Hardware Upgrades

Do you have a PC that is getting on a bit, and is badly in need of an upgrade? From a quick RAM upgrade to a more or less total rebuild, I can help you bring your PC up to date.

RAM upgrades - I currently recommend a MINIMUM of 2GB.

Adding extra storage capacity with additional internal or external hard drives

Upgrading your graphics card for better gaming performance

Installation and set up of peripheral cards

Replacement motherboards (for desktop PCs)

Upgrading processors to meet current demands

SSD hard drives for a faster more responsive systems.

Replace faulty power supplies


If your computer is not booting, not powering up or generally misbehaving, and you think it may be an issue with the power supply/graphics card/processor etc. feel free to give me a call and enquire about diagnostic troubleshooting.

It may be that I can do a relatively painless check of your equipment and narrow the problem down to a specific component, saving you from buying unnecessary hardware to test with, and realising afterward that it wasn't a problem with that part!

A £20 diagnostic fee may be applicable.

No fix, no fee!

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