Remote PC Support

One of the great things about the internet is that I can offer support online. If you have Windows XP, you can ring me up, and arrange for a remote support session. To do this:

  1. Read this article from Microsoft about Remote Support to prepare - you don't have to read it all, you only really need to read the section called 'Using Remote Assistance via e-mail'.
  2. Ring me!
  3. Whilst referring to the guide from step 2, I can then walk you through initiating a Remote Support session through Windows.
  4. You can then show me what you are doing that causes the error to appear, and then if necessary (and providing you allow it when the dialog box prompts you) I can take control remotely and hopefully fix the problem.
  5. In some cases Outlook may pop up a window, asking if you want to allow the sending of mail other than through Outlook, answer yes.
  6. If all is well, I should be able to log onto your PC and fix the problem. However, some problems may be hardware based in which case we would need to schedule an in-person visit.

Remote Support Pricing:
£5 per 15 mins

Remote Network Support:

Have trouble with port forwarding, firewalls and NAT? If it's purely a firewall problem then remote support as above will be sufficient, however, often even a properly configured firewall doesn't seem to solve the problem. The culprit in this case is probably the router having been misconfigured (or not configured at all). Some routers have the capability for remote administration, and given the router IP address, model and password (if changed) - I can probably log in an administer that remotely as well. You will also need to follow the procedure for remote support as above.

Remote Network Support Pricing:
£10 per instance or £30 an hour.

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