Laptop/Notebook Repair

I also do laptop repairs - from screen replacements to motherboard repairs.

If you've been told that your laptop needs a new motherboard and have been quoted a ridiculous price that makes it uneconomical to repair, give me a call. In my experience most such laptops can be fixed by repairing rather than replacing the motherboard, and at a much lower cost.

Due to the wide variation in laptop models, screen sizes etc I will need to know the make and model of the laptop before I can give an accurate quote and source parts. Please call or email for a laptop repair quote.

Laptop power jack replacement

Laptop screen replacement

Laptop motherboard repairs

Virus and malware removal

Salvaging user data from laptops no longer worth repairing

For laptop repairs, parts will usually need to be ordered in specifically - repairs typically take between 2 days and a week depending on the complexity of the repair/availability of parts.

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