I'm a Cardiff based web designer and IT consultant for small business and home users, and for many, many years I've experimented with new technologies and built websites for my own gratification. However, a few years ago I was talking to a friend who ran a business selling beef jerky at reenactment events, and he mentioned how seasonal the business was - mainly restricted to summer weekends, when most events are held. To me, the solution was obvious - this man needed a website! So, I made one - a simple HTML site with an ecommerce facility.

This gave his customers the opportunity to order his products after events and out of season, and it has rapidly proven it's worth - resulting in hundreds of repeat orders from satisfied customers (and if you're a carnivore, check out his beef jerky). This prompted me to get more serious about web design, and since then I've completed a several more sites, using modern web design practices and dynamic code. Now I'm hoping to make more.

In addition to web design, I also provide a full range of IT support services for home and business users in the South Wales area.

Deploying and configuring wireless networking

Setting up broadband connection and networking your PCs

PC servicing

General troubleshooting

Advice on PC or parts purchases

Will my computer run (specific program/game/etc)?

Solving multimedia problems

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